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From the humble beginnings of West Australian Personal Computers to BizWeb Consulting. Discover a snippet of our story today.


We are a Perth-based Business that started in 1997.

BizWeb Consulting originally started out as West Australian Personal Computers (WAPC) in 1997 and was focused on building computer systems and providing desktop support. With growth, development, training and evolution, the business grow into what we call BizWeb Consulting as we are about business systems, technologies, websites and providing solutions to business owners all over the globe.

BizWeb Consulting has been a provider of website design, graphic design, business consulting, and branding services for over two decades. Our passion is in helping businesses grow and succeed online. We are privileged to have worked with a wide range of clients, from small businesses to large companies.

Our team of experts have the knowledge and experience to help you create a website or marketing campaign that will not only look great, but also achieve your business goals.

Our Story

We are proud to work across multiple fields.

Our talents accommodate areas like fleet management, financial management, insurance, accounting, budgeting, etc. We have also carried out website development, offline management, system design, security system operation. We’re a Microsoft Partner and have a great deal of experience in just Steven North’s background.
Our People

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Steven North BizWeb Consulting
Steven North

Director of Creation

Kate Keiley
Kate Keiley

Graphic & Website Designer


Life at BizWeb Consulting

We emphasize and encourage each other's abilities and talents, we learn from one another, and support each other.

We love that diversity, we love culture and we love to embrace the magic of the world to heighten our quality of life and work.


BizWeb Consulting has been providing customers with unique, unbeatable services. Our corporate model choices were created to showcase the services and skills of our company’s freelancers.


Our business could not do what it could do without your help; it’s the uniqueness of our working setting that sets us apart.

We work with many businesses and individuals of varying sizes, and the assistance we provide excites them. We understand that we can further support this impact by utilizing our expertises to assist them.


We want to organize our work in a way that makes it possible for us to visit our clients and do business at the same time. Our business has clients all over the world, and we want to work and travel with them as well.

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